Committee for Sexual Harassment

Amol Chand Public School has taken on initiation to constitute a committee for “Protection of Woman from Sexual Harassment” at the work place and to abide by the guidelines and norms prescribed by the Honorable Supreme court of India. This Committee has been made as per the clause No:- 807 Annexure – A of letter no. CBSE/Aff/2130430/06/18846 dated 08.08.2005 issued by Jt. Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education.


   S.No                  Name Designation
1 Mr. Rishi Kumar Chairperson
2 Mrs. Shilpi Maheswari Internal Member
3 Mrs. Rama Raghav Internal Member
4 Mrs. Veena Sharma Internal Member
5 Mr. Rajesh Bharadwaj Internal Member
6 Mr. Anoop Gupta Internal Member
7 Mr. Ajay Varshney Internal Member
8 Mr. Nimesh Kumar Singh Internal Member
9 Ms. Neelu Singh Internal Member
10 Mr. Shushant Dubey Internal Member
11 Mr. Faizan Abid Ansari Internal Member


Sexual Harassment Means:

.:. Unwelcome sexually determined behavior (Whatever directly or by implication)

.:. Physical contact and advances, demand or request for sexual favours.

.:. Sexually covered remarks showing pornography.

.:. Any other unwelcome physical or non- verbal contact of a sexual nature.


Complaint Produce:-

  • In case of woman employee is being sexually harassed by a co-employee, she can address the complaint in writing to the chairperson giving the name of witness (es), if possible. Chairperson will take necessary discreet enquires and if he feels that there is a prima facie case to be fully investigated, he will call a meeting of complaints committee.
  • Complaints committee will investigate the complaint thoroughly and may call witnesses in written or oral submissions before arriving at a conclusion. Decision will be in writing and shall give reasons for its conclusions and forward the same to the Managing Director/Principal and necessary disciplinary action will be taken against the delinquent employee.
  • The whole procedure will be completed with-in 15 days of the receipt of the complaint.
  • In case any woman employee tries to adjust personal core due to ulterior reasons in the grab of sexual harassment, this will be treated as major misconduct and disciplinary action can be taken against such a lady employee.
  • Sexual harassment of woman employee is a major misconduct as per the service conditions applicable to the employee for which appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal can be imposed.
  • In Case such behavior falls under criminal law, the employer shall make a criminal complaint to the police at the request of the affected women employee and render all such necessary help.