Message of Managing Director

Our Manager Massage:

Establishment of an exclusive educational institution has been a dream project to me. Amol Chand Public School is the interpretation of this dream. In my opinion Institutions are the only source to produce good future citizen. I firmly believe that to educate people is the real social service since educated people may have a correct vision and good civic sence, build a sincere and well cultured society. they lift their country very high to the sky.

The education is the only effective means of all round development, it’s the mother of good manners and etiquette. It develops self control, self reliance sincerity, honesty and patriotism like good virtues. Keeping the same thing in the view, Amol Chand Varshney Sewa Sansthana came in existence.

CBSE education is the need of the time. It is in the easy reach of urban student. Rural students are not from well off families they cannot offer very high fee of those institution and so they are deprived to this modern education. I have accepted the challenge to provide those facilities and qualitave education to my native place students at their door step which are available to metro city students. It needs a huge investment with no profit at all. I have chosen a bit difficult task. Every one wants to trade on cozy land but a few are there who choose thorny passage to move. I have taken the road not taken. Even after all these hardship we have been considerably successful to implement CBSE syllabus to the rural children with quality.

Vipin Varshney
(Managing Director)