The Objective of the institution is to: 

  •  lay Emphasis on the all round and holistic development of the child. The teaching learning process is highly interactive and activity based where students are exposed to real life experiences.
  • Stimulate an environment so that growing up children are able to develop their innate potentials to the fullest that condition them to face the challenges of the time.
  • Enhance physical, mental and spiritual growth of the child through a perfect blend of academics, sports and co curricular activities.
  • Impart to the students practical – oriented education and learning through reasoning and understanding in order to imbibe in the student analytical ability and all around development.
  • Impart activity oriented, learner-centered teaching.
  • Inculcate a value system with special emphasis on national integration which enables children to become sensitive to their environment and surroundings as well as become more caring, responsible and law-abiding citizens.
  • Promote a curriculum that helps students develop initiative, rationality, and problem solving ability and communication skills.
  • Seek the intelligent collaboration of the parents and active co-operation of the staff to attain these ideals.