Exploration Laboratories

Exploration Laboratories:-

The School has the most modern laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and apparatus to provide ample opportunities to students for conducting scientific exploration and research. Some of the laboratories are mentioned hereunder.

Science Laboratories:-

Three separate science laboratories each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology provide students to explore the world of science in the major scientific exploration and research.

 Computer Laboratory:-

The machine room is equipped with the most modern Pentium- based interactive colored multimedia systems. Computer education is compulsory from class Ist onwards. Stress is laid on application based training and intensive hands on sessions.

Mathematics Laboratory:

The Mathematics laboratory has been designed with a view to take the students beyond the world of curriculum mathematics into the intricacies of the subject in order to build interest in the subject. Students are guided to make mathematical models and make deductions on the basis of equipments and observations. The labs open a new horizon for the free flight of the mathematical mind.