Methodology & Aids

Teaching Methodology and Teaching Aids: –

The school tries to build a broader and more holistic picture of education by making teaching learning process more interactive. Efforts are being made to ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable to students. The current generation of young ones requires reasoning and wants… to see the relevance of what they are learning. They naturally want real life experiences. Keeping this in mind the school has worked out a thematic curriculum with intensive practical sessions, project work and workshops to promote a better and more meaningful understanding of the subject.

Emphasis is laid on the interactive method and activity- based teaching which includes participation of students in discussion, demonstrations experiments, illustration through charts, models and specimen and use of other teaching and electronic audio-visual aids.

The audio visual theatre judiciously screens films to provide varied exposure to the students in order to enrich their educational experience. The films are carefully selected and previewed, keeping in mind the crucial role of media in the educational process.